Thursday, October 10, 2013

(POST) Here's my 1st column: 26 things about me that will help everyone to know who I am:

 1.  My parents thought I was going to be a boy.  Prenamed me Tony Louis Wilson.  Suprise! It's a girl.  They changed my name to Toni Louisa Wilson.  Cool.

2.  I was born in Odessa Texas and lived in No Trees  Texas for the first few years.  We had water problems from all the oil fields.

3.  I started out in public schools, and whenever dad had the money I switched to private over the years.  Then ended up in OHS by the end.

4.  I learned how to be a strong, upstanding person from my family.

5.  I have always had God in my life.

6.  I went to Permian Basin Christian School in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade.

7.  I went to New Wine Christian School in 7th and half of 8th grade.

8.  I changed to Crockett in 8th and started hanging out with the "freaks".  Life style change indeed...

9.  I was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit when I was 12 years old at Camp Christian.  I'll never forget that day!

10.  I married Kevin perry when I was 20.

11.  I had my son Daniel when I was 21.

12.  Kevin got cancer when Daniel was 6 months old.

13.  I won some money from a Odessa water law suit when I was 22.
14.  We moved to Garland  Texas when I was 23.

15.  I was diagnosed with m.s. when I was 27.

16.  I retired soon after my diagnosis.  I found life difficult at work.  Left a great job behind...

17.  Guess I should say that I did go to UTPB and Odessa Community College after high school.  That's why I had a great job at 27!

18.  My family and I moved to Austin when I was 28.  We lived behind my mom and dad.  Awesome     time/Hard time

19.  We moved to Wylie when I was 30.  Daniel started kindergarten.

20.  We moved to Bonham when I was 32.

21.  Our house caught fire and burned down when I was 33.

22.  Our wonderful next door neighbors let us move in with them for a year while we rebuilt our home.

23.  I have wonderful friends, though I don't see them often.

24.  Kevin and I have had good times, bad times, and the most awesome memories I can imagine.

25.  It is what it is is my favorite quote.  Because life changes every day, in every way possible.  Live happy with God!

26.  p.s. I love to paint, and quilt.  I give 'em away cause that makes me happy!!!

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