Thursday, October 10, 2013


I think we are the unknown hero's of multiple sclerosis. I myself was dx'd in 2000 at 27 years of age. I was put on avonex immediately. Many stop this therapy because of the side effects we all know that interferons cause. I can say that I have lost 24 hours a week to avonex. I run a fever and have extra fatigue and often extra pain and depression on what I call my medicine day. I've found there are ways to help myself. Take ibuprofen before my shot which my husband gives just before bed. I try to sleep through the fluish feelings. I take ibuprofen when I wake and it helps more than any thing I've been prescribed. I have not had a flare for many years and I will stay on avonex
even if I moan and groan one day a week. I make sure medicine day falls on Monday so I am alone for the tears. It makes others nervous to see the side effects of the interferon. I've decided that I'll struggle through avonex issues because at this time we have no perfect meds and I think if it's not broke it does not need to be fixed.if you are starting avonex know there is a possibility it may work too keep you stable. Just buy ibuprofen and prepare for your medicine day. Good luck to everyone and remember to smile today!!!!

(POST) Here's my 1st column: 26 things about me that will help everyone to know who I am:

 1.  My parents thought I was going to be a boy.  Prenamed me Tony Louis Wilson.  Suprise! It's a girl.  They changed my name to Toni Louisa Wilson.  Cool.

2.  I was born in Odessa Texas and lived in No Trees  Texas for the first few years.  We had water problems from all the oil fields.

3.  I started out in public schools, and whenever dad had the money I switched to private over the years.  Then ended up in OHS by the end.

4.  I learned how to be a strong, upstanding person from my family.

5.  I have always had God in my life.

6.  I went to Permian Basin Christian School in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade.

7.  I went to New Wine Christian School in 7th and half of 8th grade.

8.  I changed to Crockett in 8th and started hanging out with the "freaks".  Life style change indeed...

9.  I was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit when I was 12 years old at Camp Christian.  I'll never forget that day!

10.  I married Kevin perry when I was 20.

11.  I had my son Daniel when I was 21.

12.  Kevin got cancer when Daniel was 6 months old.

13.  I won some money from a Odessa water law suit when I was 22.
14.  We moved to Garland  Texas when I was 23.

15.  I was diagnosed with m.s. when I was 27.

16.  I retired soon after my diagnosis.  I found life difficult at work.  Left a great job behind...

17.  Guess I should say that I did go to UTPB and Odessa Community College after high school.  That's why I had a great job at 27!

18.  My family and I moved to Austin when I was 28.  We lived behind my mom and dad.  Awesome     time/Hard time

19.  We moved to Wylie when I was 30.  Daniel started kindergarten.

20.  We moved to Bonham when I was 32.

21.  Our house caught fire and burned down when I was 33.

22.  Our wonderful next door neighbors let us move in with them for a year while we rebuilt our home.

23.  I have wonderful friends, though I don't see them often.

24.  Kevin and I have had good times, bad times, and the most awesome memories I can imagine.

25.  It is what it is is my favorite quote.  Because life changes every day, in every way possible.  Live happy with God!

26.  p.s. I love to paint, and quilt.  I give 'em away cause that makes me happy!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Remembering to Remember: Two Routes of Memory Retrieval

When remembering to perform tasks in the future, 2 separate attentional brain processes appear equally successful in achieving the same outcome, a new study suggests.
According to a popular theory, top-down attentional control is necessary in maintaining activation in prospective memory. For example, in trying to remember to take reusable bags to the grocery store, the top-down approach would involve constant reminders to oneself not to forget them.
Another theory maintains that a bottom-up approach of spontaneous retrieval triggered by cues is effective. In the grocery bag scenario, such a cue might involve hanging the reusable bags from the front door knob as a reminder.